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Have you ever felt that you were the only unlucky person doing social media marketing and that everyone, but you were achieving huge success? Don’t worry we’ve been there and felt that.


Believe me, I’ve been there.

From burning cash on ads…

… to banging your head against a brick wall, wondering why nobody is even clicking…

… Facebook advertising can truly SUCK.

You’ve bought the fancy tools.

You’ve followed all the rules.

But nothing is working.

And it’s not your fault.

In fact we lived it for a few years as we failed and fumbled our way through the steps, to become a successful FB marketer and that’s why we are so EXCITED to bring this opportunity to you today. You can learn from our mistakes instantly and short cut straight to what works, without needing to get all the scars and knocks like we did.

The reason your ads are failing is because, in 2015, there are now 2,000,000 advertisers on Facebook and the competition has become so saturated…


The competition is so rough right now, the average click thru rate for a regular ad is now just 0.4%!

That means, 100 people need to see your ad, to get a pathetic 4 clicks in return! Want 100 visitors a day? Then you’ll need 25,000 people to see your ad (… not easy when you’re up against millions of competitors.)

And it gets worse, because…

More competition = higher ad prices.

Don’t take my word for it, check this out…


Which means…

… your ads aren’t just BEING IGNORED…

… but you’re PAYING MORE when people finally click on them!

No wonder you’re struggling. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


  • 25 Facebook Ads Templates
  • 25 Instagram Ads Templates
  • 80 More Social Branding Graphics

Similar Graphic Templates To What We Used To Create Ads That Skyrocket Your Click Thru And Conversion Rate

The first and most important aspect (by far!) of an ad is the photo you use. But what makes a clickable photo?

All of my research on Facebook ads pointed to the same definition of clickable photo: “shows cleavage.” It seems rather vacuous that Facebook users don’t notice the text of an ad much, but both men and women are apt to notice an attractive woman’s chest.

However you can't just go and use a picture of boobies as your ad,  showing an inappropriate photo would damage your brand.

Over the past few months, we've been testing different graphics and finally reached to a to a point where our ads were getting $0.01 clicks. We turned tiny $5 ad budgets into five figures income machines.

SociAds Is NOT ONLY About Creating Great Looking Graphics.

It’s About Creating Ads That Get $0.01 Clicks From Facebook… This Is Something No Other Graphics Package Can Do!

We’ve used them ourselves. We created the package for you using our own personal experience giving you ONLY what you need.

Let me explain something to you…It took me a while to work this out when I first started out online, but now that I’ve hit success, I completely understand it and I want you to understand it too.

To succeed online you don't need to reinvent the wheel. You need to copy things that are working and then model them into your personal business, so that you can mimic the success of those you copied.

In fact since, Instagram has just rolled out advertising for all businesses, and Facebook integrated Instagram Ads in their Power Editor, we've optimezed our successful templates for their platform and had similar results.

But There’s a BIG BUT

Unfortunately we can’t make these graphics packages available to everyone as it would flood the market and the $0.01 clicks would soon be gone. So we have a limited number of SociAds packages available today…

Here’s Your Personal, Exclusive Invitation To Copy, What We Know Works And Use It For Yourself

Here's A Small Preview Of What You'll Get Inside

It’s About Time You Were Lucky And You Had A Win!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the License?

YES unlimited use on your on projects
YES unlimited use on your clients projects
NO RE-SELL in anyway
NO Can't use as bonus

Can I Use GIMP to Edit the Files?

We designed all the graphics using Photoshop, we recommend it to edit the files.

What Files Will I Get?
You will get PSD, JPG and PNG files.

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